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Inaugural Alumni, 1956-57:
  1)   Donald H. Boldt
  2)   George H. (Buz) Cliffe
  3)   Steven James Cowdry
  4)   Jackie Dykstra
  5)   Jim Guenther
  6)   Mary Hansen
  7)   Shirley Haynes
  8)   Noel Fern Hornbeck
  9)   William (Bill) Myers
10)   Glory Rhoads
11)   Pat Russell
12)   Bonnie Smith
13)   Louise Sprunger
14)   Gerald (Gerry) Tanner
15)   Ann Taylor
16)   Florence Kay Worden
17)   Joyce Worden
  Teacher, 1956-57:
        Miss Marcia Boznango

Lansing Christian School
3405 Belle Chase
Lansing, MI 48911
(517) 882-5779
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The Word became flesh and lived among us (KJB).
Jesus bridges the gap 
between God and man

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Those who graduated as Seniors from LCS need to contact the Alumni Association for information about their classmates:
LCS Alumni Association Coordinator
Attn: Linda Granger Zylstra
P. O. Box 25067
Lansing, MI 48909

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Contact Jackie Dykstra Engle

LCS Cyber Reunion
Inaugural 1956-57 Class

 friends through the years Personal Reunion After 39 Years
      During the summer of 1998, long-time friends and former LCS classmates Jackie (Dykstra) Engle and Gloria (Rhoads) Perkins enjoyed a 2-week reunion after 39 years apart.
      Even though Jackie’s family moved to Alaska in 1959, and Jackie later moved to Washington, the two friends continued to keep in touch through the U.S. mail and, a couple years ago, through e-mail.
      On August 30, Jackie came to Michigan for a 2-week stay with Gloria. During this reunion they decided to try to locate other classmates who had attended LCS during 1956-57. A list of some of those classmates’ names were in a "Character Book" that Gloria had kept from those years. Together Gloria and Jackie perused yearbooks, Alumni Directories, and the Internet to try to locate these classmates.
      Jackie developed this web site to provide up-to-date information about our LCS Pre-Alumni classmates. If you are one of those listed on the left-hand panel and would like to be represented on these pages, please forward information about yourself and your family that can be included on this site. We would like to know your occupation, spouse’s name, children’s names, church affiliation, occupations and interests, personal memories and testimonies, and any other information you would like to share.

Don Boldt
Don graduated from the 9th Grade at LCS in 1958. He graduated from Lansing Eastern High School in 1961.  up

Buz (George H.) Cliffe
In 1958, Buz graduated from the 9th Grade at LCS. In 1961, Buz graduated from Lansing’s Everett High School where he’d participated in Bible Club, football, and Drama. He attended a year at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, but transferred to Moody Bible Institute (Moody) from which he graduated in January 1966. He and Barb were married two days after graduation from MBI. Buz and Barb have ministered in various locations (see Churches page) before moving to the Paw Paw (MI) church where they currently minister.  up

Steve (Steven James) Cowdry
Steve graduated from the 9th Grade at LCS in 1958. Steve moved with his parents to Arizona when he was 14. After graduating from Tucson High School, Steve spent time in the Navy and then Merchant Marines. Steve and Charlene celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary in November 1999. They live in Joshua Tree, California. They have 4 children (3 sons and a daughter) and 7 grandchildren.  up

Jackie [Dykstra] Engle
Jackie attended LCS from 2nd Grade through 8th Grade. She attended Holt High for a couple years but graduated from East High School in Anchorage, Alaska. Jackie and her ex-husband Ralph have 4 children – Maria [34], Philip [33], Jeremy [27; married and father of 2 year old Langston], and Mark (forever 14). Jackie has served as Sunday School teacher and pianist or organist in churches she has attended, but currently does not attend a specific church. She has lived in Bellevue, Washington, for 15 years.  up

Noel [Hornbeck] Harshman
Noel attended LCS from fifth to ninth grade. Before she graduated from Holt High (MI) in 1962, Noel was layout editor of the Holt High Rampages annual, on their Newspaper Staff, in Future Teachers, in the school’s choir and operetta, and the Library Club president. She attended MSU in Lansing. Noel is a free-lance writer and part-time secretary at MSU, as well as organist and interim choir director for her church. Noel and her husband Terry have one daughter (26). Noel is grandmother to twins.  up

Gloria [Rhoads] Perkins
Gloria graduated from Lansing Eastern High School after having attended LCS from 3rd Grade through 9th Grade. She married her childhood sweetheart Allen Perkins, and together they attended Moody Bible Institute and Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. In 1998 they were living in Williamston (MI) with Dereck (18) the youngest of 5 children, and Lawrence (17), an exchange student from Germany.
     Gloria passed away on June 29, 1999, from complications of the chemo therapy that destroyed the AML leukemia that she had been diagnosed with in March of that year. She is survived by her husband Allen who re-married in January 2000; her sons Dereck, Sam, and Nathan (a youth pastor, married with 3 children); her married daughters Lisa and Holly; her married sister Linda; and her father Bill. Gloria taught a 1st and 2nd Grade Sunday School class and was active in church camp every summer.  up

Louise (Sprunger) Raum
Louise graduated from Lansing Eastern High School (MI) in 1963. She is married and lives in Palmetto, Florida.  up

Jerry (Gerald D.) Tanner
Jerry graduated from the 9th Grade at LCS in 1958. He graduated from Lansing Eastern High School in 1961. A VietNam War veteran, Jerry lives in Mesa AZ with his wife Marjorie.  up

Ann [Taylor] Hayward
Ann graduated from Everett High School in 1961. She has 5 children (Deborah [33], Diana [31], Roni-Sue [30], and twins Mary and Gary [29]) with husband Ron, whom she met at church when she was 10. They live in Grand Ledge (MI) and enjoy their 8 grandchildren. Ann has many creative outlets, among which is a cake decorating business.  up

Florence Worden
Florence graduated from the 9th Grade at LCS in 1958.  up

Dr. Marcia Boznango
Miss Boznango was the first single person in Michigan to be allowed to adopt children. She adopted and raised three children and is now a grandmother. Our teacher, “Miss Boznango”, became Dr. Marcia Boznango, superintendent of Lansing Christian Schools. She retired in 1999.  up

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