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Inaugural Alumni, 1956-57:
  1)   Donald H. Boldt
  2)   George H. (Buz) Cliffe
  3)   Steven James Cowdry
  4)   Jackie Dykstra
  5)   Jim Guenther
  6)   Mary Hansen
  7)   Shirley Haynes
  8)   Noel Fern Hornbeck
  9)   William (Bill) Myers
10)   Glory Rhoads
11)   Pat Russell
12)   Bonnie Smith
13)   Louise Sprunger
14)   Gerald (Gerry) Tanner
15)   Ann Taylor
16)   Florence Kay Worden
17)   Joyce Worden
  Teacher, 1956-57:
        Miss Marcia Boznango

Lansing Christian School
3405 Belle Chase
Lansing, MI 48911
(517) 882-5779
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The Word became flesh and lived among us (KJB).
 Jesus bridges the gap

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Those who graduated as Seniors from LCS need to contact the Alumni Association for information about their classmates:
LCS Alumni Association Coordinator
Attn: Linda Granger Zylstra
P. O. Box 25067
Lansing, MI 48909

Questions? Comments?
Contact Jackie Dykstra Engle

LCS Cyber Reunion
Inaugural 1956-57 Class

According to Gloria Rhoads’ “Character Book”, we attended the churches on the left in 1957. On the right are our current churches.
1957 1999
Don Boldt up
Buz Cliffe up
Lansing Youth for Christ (3½ years as Jr. Hi Club Director & Quizzing Coach) • Holt Baptist (taught a Young Married sunday school class) • Started Brighton Chapel (1971) • Community Christian Church of Pago Pago (American Samoa – pastor, 1981 until Tropical Sprue forced an early return to Michigan 2 years later to regain weight and strength) • Community Evangelical Free Church (Niles, MI - pastor, 1984) • Covey Hill Baptist Church (Paw Paw, MI – pastor since 1992)
Steve Cowdry up
South Baptist Church
St. Mary's Catholic Church
(Yucca Valley, California)
Jackie (Dykstra) Engle up
South Baptist Church
Jim Guenther up
Mary Hansen up
First Christian Reformed
Shirley Haynes up
Free Methodist
Noel (Hornbeck) Harshman up
Holt Baptist
Bill Myers up
non listed
Glory (Rhoads) Perkins  up
Wesleyan Methodist
Before her death in 1999, Gloria attended West Locke Wesleyan (Williamston, MI) with her husband and son Dereck where she taught 1st & 2nd graders.
Pat Russell up
Parker Memorial Baptist
Bonnie Smith up
Wesley Fellowship
Louise (Sprunger) Raum up
Wesley Fellowship
Jerry Tanner up
Wesleyan Methodist
Ann Taylor up
Pennway Church of God
Florence Worden up
Wesley Fellowship
Joyce Worden up
Wesley Fellowship

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