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Vocabulary – Tú Dirás, Chapter 2

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  1. I have [tener] three sisters.

  2. Do you have [tener] a brother?

  3. We have [tener] two cats.

  4. They don’t have [tener] a dog.

  5. He has [tener] a grandfather in Miami.

  6. gustar:  I like the tapes.

  7. gustar:  I like classical music.

  8. gustar:  You like the compact disc.

  9. gustar:  María likes art.

  10. gustar:  Juan and Maria like the class.

  11. gustar:  They (m.) like the films.

  12. gustar:  You (formal; plural) like music.

  13. gustar:  We like science.

  14. “my”

  15. “your” (informal)

  16. “your” (formal)

  17. “his” or “her”

  18. “our”

  19. “your” (formal)

  20. “their”


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