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LCS Cyber Reunion
Inaugural 1956-57 Class

Ann’s Family (continued)
      On January 25, 1999, Ann wrote:
      “My Dad and Mom are both at home with the Lord now. Dad died in '78 of rheumatoid arthritis complications/heart failure. Mom died in '88 of cancer. My oldest sister Mary also died in '94 of cancer. I have four brothers Harry 71, George 69, Bob 68, Steve 59, and one sister Martha 62. My base family has decreased from nine to six. Time is going by too fast.
      “I married my best friend from my family church, Ron Hayward. Ann & RonWe have known each other since we were 10 and 12. We have been married for 33 years, and it seems like yesterday. We have four daughters and one son (the last ones came double; and because we finally got our boy, Ron said NO MORE).
      “Deborah is 33 and married to Robert. They have two beautiful daughters Ashley (10) and Marissa (8). Debbie is a legal assistant in a law firm in Lansing. Diane is 31 and still lives with us. Diane is a special woman and a big comfort to us. She works in the deli department of our local Felpausch store. She is still looking for that “someone” special (even though she thinks there are not any good Christian men left, we tell her to be patient). We are sure God will send the right person for her. Roni-Sue is 30 and married to Daniel. They have two beautiful children Ezra (9) and Derienne (7). Roni-Sue served time in the Army and is now completing Nursing school in Illinois. Mary is 29 and married to Andrew. They have one daughter Cecilia (8) and are expecting another child any day now. Mary is a legal assistant in the same law firm as Debbie. Mary is also their office manager. They were always very close growing up, and it is only natural that they be in the same profession at the same office. Gary is 29 (Mary's twin) and married to Donna. They have two children Kristen (17) and Jason (15). These are step-children but they are very much part of our family. Gary is full-time Army. He is a Sergeant and is stationed at Ft. Campbell. He is a chef, and when he is retired, he hopes to go into his own business. He has been in the service for twelve years and loves his country! He was in the Gulf War.
      “As you can tell by now, we love our children and our grandchildren even more. They are the light in our lives. God has blessed us tremendously. There was a time when we thought we would never bring the twins into the world safely, but HIS love intervened and they had safe passage after all. We are so thankful to have been blessed with such a wonderful family.”